[ANN] Start of the Dogeparty Foundation Election 2023 - Voting Period (Dec 15th - Dec 31st)

The Dogeparty Foundation is announcing the start of the 2-week long voting period for the election of five community directors. The voting will start on block 5,007,500 and end on block 5,029,100

Start and End of Voting

Start Block: 5,007,500
End Block: 5,029,100


Voting Procedure

Users who want to give their votes to one or more candidates may do so by broadcasting a message with the following parameters:

  1. Text = XDPELECTION2023 + Candidate Number
  2. Value = Votes

NOTE: There is currently a one-broadcast-per-block limitation when using Dogewallet. If you want to publish multiple votes, please wait while the block containing your first broadcast is published on the blockchain and then create the second broadcast.


  • One user can make several broadcasts
  • The sum total of the values must be less than the balance of the source address at the close of the voting period

Valid Example

  • User has 50 XDP in his address at the end of the voting.

  • User broadcasts: text=XDPELECTION2023 1, value=20

  • User broadcasts: text=XDPELECTION2023 2, value=30

  • Both votes are valid and will be taken into account

Invalid Example

  • User has 50 XDP in his address at the end of the voting.

  • User broadcasts, text=XDPELECTION2023 1, value=50

  • User broadcasts, text=XDPELECTION2023 2, value=30

  • The second vote is invalid as the user already spent 50 XDP in his first message

Candidate numbers used as the broadcast parameter:
1 - Nutildah (@nutildah)
2 - Ernest Sonyi (@Valiant401)
3 - Tobber (@tobber)
4 - Doggfather (@doggfather)
5 - Cryptochainer (@cryptochainer)
6 - GMoney (@pappyg45)

At block 5,029,100 we will count all votes and announce the names of the top five candidates.

An election vote scoreboard has been created by community member joe looney and is visible at : Dogeparty Foundation 2023 // Election

The candidates Q&A thread can be found at : [ANN] Start of the Dogeparty Foundation 2023 Election - Q&A Period (Dec 1st - Dec 15th)

Please feel free to visit this thread and ask the candidates anything.

Good luck to all the candidates and once again thank you for your support!

The voting process has now ended and the results are as follows :