[ANN] Start of the Dogeparty Foundation 2023 Election - Q&A Period (Dec 1st - Dec 15th)

Announcing the Start of the Dogeparty Foundation 2023 - Q&A Period (Dec 1st - Dec 15th)

The 2023 Dogeparty Foundation nomination period has concluded and the 7 candidates running for the 5 Dogeparty Foundation Community Director seats are listed below.



Voters can review the nomination process and basic candidate bio information available in the forum post linked below.



Please use this thread to ask questions of the candidates about their positions on various topics and how they feel they could best help move Dogeparty forward.


hello gm gn ga,

im curious seems the link ffor bio info the bio infos not really there or maybe i missed it.

just want to ask few questions

  1. what are the accomplishments or even if wsant accomplished just what happened this year term im sorry i have not been able to catchup with chats in it was in chat but i feel it would be nice to see here collated. what each director did this term?

  2. what are the candidates plan for this coming year?

thanks in advance

2023 was a weird year and the foundation had far fewer calls/meetings than we did the prior year. Mostly this was due to the fact that we just didn’t have much to discuss as the bear market sucked the energy out of things and the members really didn’t want to approve the use of foundation funds for anything except for essential expenditures (which was almost nothing) when the value of doge was so low. Also, there were delays in getting the protocol updates and wallet updates rolled out on the dev side while significant and numerous updates were being performed on the counterparty side (which the devs wanted to flow through to dogeparty, not the other way around). So I guess what I’m saying is that 2023 was a big waiting period overall. With that said, the role I’ve taken and maintained on the foundation since I began in 2022 has been that of the book-keeper, record-keeper, and organizer. With the help of @nutildah I wrote the Dogeparty Bylaws which were approved by the foundation and can be found here Documentation/Bylaws/Dogeparty_Foundation_Bylaws.md at master · DogepartyXDP/Documentation · GitHub. I also maintain an annual statement of account for the foundation fund which tracks any movement of funds in or out. For Foundation calls I set the agenda, take notes, and if anything noteworthy happens as a result of the calls, I publish the news posts on News | Dogeparty.net. In addition to all of that, I feel that I’ve been very active in the community telegram chat interacting with community members, answering questions, giving away assets to create a fun atmosphere, things like that which I also view as important. As for 2024, my hope is to continue on this path and maintain the same responsibilities which I have gladly taken on and which I feel create the framework for success of Dogeparty and the foundation that oversees it!


I feel honored to be nominated but regrettably have to decline. @jdogresorg please remove me from the list of candidates.

Too many balls to juggle… afraid I wouldn’t be able serve the Foundation role. My focus for 2024 is on Counterparty and my responsibilities as CIP Editor. That said, I hope to be able run another year, and I believe the synergies between Dogeparty and Counterparty are very strong. Improving DP will benefit CP, and vice versa.


@jdogresorg please remove me from the list of candidates.

@JPJA Done… sorry you wont be on the foundation this year… perhaps next election cycle :slight_smile:

Thanks Mohini for the excellent question.

  1. Some of the things I did for Dogeparty this year:
  • hosted the Dogeparty Awards show in February, which required a fairly large degree of organization and a lot of time. It was probably the single funnest event in the Dogeparty Telegram chat this year, and highlighted the talents of over 20 Dogeparty artists.

  • conducted several giveaways on the DogepartyXDP Twitter, helping to gain exposure and give recognition to artists of Rare Doges and other tokens… we ended up gaining about 300 followers over the year, which isn’t great but nevertheless it was a far bigger increase than the previous year.

  • conducted several giveaways in the Official Dogeparty telegram group, some of which were for the Dogeparty 9-year anniversary in August. I’ve also been fielding technical questions on Telegram, directing people to online resources and basically doing all I can to encourage artists to use Dogeparty as a platform for their work.

  • hosted a complete guide on how to use Dogeparty on my own website which people can be directed to when they have questions.

  • contacted J-Dog when problems arose regarding Dogeparty servers, Dogewallet, xchain, to help keep things running as smoothly as possible.

  1. I think the most important thing that the foundation can do next year is to help revitalize interest in Dogeparty by getting the word out that we exist, we’re chock-full of cool features, we have a stable infrastructure, and we’re not just some fly-by-night project.

What will help is the release of the Dogeparty protocol upgrade and the Dogewallet update. We will see a lot of cool new features introduced which will result in some great new talking points to bring up in social media. We need all directors to participate in this to have the best chance of making Dogeparty great again!


very cool update thank you for your time and effort we all see ur dedication thank you

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thank you for the response and awesome work

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please find my accomplishments since the relaunch:

  • Active since Oct 2021 on Dogeparty
  • Own cards in the Rare Doge directory since Series 1 (together with ZARK)
  • One of the largest Dogeparty collectors
  • Served as a Dogeparty Foundation Community Director in 2022
  • Wrote several pieces about Dogeparty on NFT History wiki and Medium
  • Media contacts to NFT Now and Decrypt
  • Close relationship to the Emblem Finance team
  • Data analytics covering Dogeparty tokens / sales
  • Co-hosted regular DP X spaces
  • Set up the first (non-dev) Dogeparty federal node
  • Dogecoin Stamps TG Admin/Mod
  • Run my personal X account (7.8k followers), trying to bring more fine shibes to Dogeparty

For 2024, I’d like to support the DP Foundation mostly by educating collectors and artists about Dogeparty. Particularly, by hosting X spaces together with related projects, preparing Dogeparty data analytics, and media content.

BTW: I won’t vote for myself with my XDP but rather support my fellow nominees (which are awesome community members!).


I’d like to thank the people who nominated me from the bottom of my heart! Dogeparty is very close to me and has been such a blast to collect the historic and even some newer tokens, I’ve become a major advocate in many big communities across all chains and have answered many a question from people about it!

My biggest contribution to Dogeparty is still something I’m building alongside a good friend, and something I still need a lot of guidance for, which is a fully randomly generated 10k PFP Dogestamp collection. With images that are only 52x52, we’re able to stamp images on-chain that will last there forever! All the art has been made and we’re hard at work making tools regarding STAMPs, from downloaders to explorers and more. This mint is fully free, using a revolutionary new way to mint randomized tokens for Dogeparty! We “launched” on 4/20 this year, but I ran into some big issues and doubts regarding the project, which are on the cusp of being solved.

I want to show to the world that Dogeparty can compete with the rest of the chains when it comes to on-chain art and community building for peanuts on the dollar compared to BTC and ETH. Dogeparty is the most fun chain out of every single one in existence and I intend fully to spread the promise of this joy to communities spread over all the different chains I’m a part of!

I have been in crypto since 2021 and I’ve often taken many responsibilities (and jobs) for some of the most fun crypto projects, so I’d feel fully at home safekeeping the Dogeparty community while adding more and more value to it by building on top of it!

Thanks again for the nomination, and I’ll eagerly answer any question one might have!



@tobber on telegram if you want to reach me personally