[ANN] Start of the Dogeparty Foundation 2023 Election - Nomination Period (Nov 15th - Nov 30th)

Announcing the Start of the Dogeparty Foundation 2023 Election - Nomination Period (Nov 15th - Nov 30th)

The Dogeparty Foundation is a group dedicated to advancing the Dogeparty protocol and its products, educating the community on the Dogeparty technology, driving global Dogeparty awareness, and ensuring Dogeparty remains a successful and growing platform.

The Foundation is governed by three Founding Members five Community Directors.

Today, we’re happy to announce the start of the Dogeparty Foundation Community Directors 2023 election.

For the next two weeks, from November 15th till November 30th, we are inviting everyone to participate in the election process by nominating candidates to fill five Community Director seats. The only requirement for the nomination is that the nominating person holds at least 100 XDP and prove this by including their Dogeparty address in the nomination message (we will verify XDP balances at end of nomination period).

This will be the official election thread used to gather the names and addresses of qualifying candidates.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another candidate, please reply to this thread with the following candidate information:

  • First and Last name or Alias
  • Bio
  • Picture
  • Dogeparty address (must have at least 100 XDP)

On November 30th, Names and addresses of all candidates will be published and a 2-week long Q&A period will begin. During this Q&A period a Foundation Election Q&A thread will posted where community members can ask questions of the candidates to help them better understand the candidates position on certain issues, and their plans for how to best move Dogeparty forward.

After the two week long Q&A period, we will being the 2-week long voting period where users can vote for their top choices for filling the 5 Community Director positions. Detailed instructions on how community members can vote for their favorite candidates will be included in the voting announcement period announcement thread on December 15th.

After the two week long voting period, at the voting closing block, the top five addresses that receive the highest number of votes will be announced as winners, and their owners receive Community Director positions for the term of two years.

We’re looking forward to your candidacy and hope this election will be a fair, successful and transparent process of selecting the best candidates to fill these key positions.


I nominate JP Jansen, as he has been around the Counterparty and Dogeparty communities since the beginning, has contributed lots of ideas, code, and valuable conversations to the party platforms.

I think that JP would do an amazing job as a Foundation member and would strive to keep pushing Dogeparty forward with new features, improvements, and ideas.


I nominate Nutildah who served on the Foundation in 2023 and has been a great advocate for Dogeparty, is engaged with the community, and is an all-around great contributor.


I’m gonna go ahead and nominate Ernest (Valiant401) who has shown dedication toward the advancement of Dogeparty even during the deepest of the bear market, consistently showed up to the foundation director meetings, and is also a great dude in general.


I would also like to nominate Tobber (Telegram: Telegram: Contact @tobber ; X(Twitter): @Tobber_TV ) who I’ve gotten to know through various discussions about Dogeparty, and beyond, in both public and private conversation. Tobber is sensible, has a deep knowledge of the tech, is a big advocate for Dogeparty, and is also a very talented artist. I believe Tobber would be a great addition to the foundation in 2024.


I nominate myself: Doggfather (@DoggfatherCrew on X and TG)

My experience so far:

  • Active since Oct 2021 on Dogeparty
  • Own cards in the Rare Doge directory since Series 1 (together with ZARK)
  • One of the largest Dogeparty collectors
  • Served as a Dogeparty Foundation Community Director in 2022
  • Wrote several pieces about Dogeparty on NFT History wiki and Medium
  • Media contacts to NFT Now and Decrypt
  • Close relationship to the Emblem Finance team
  • Data analytics covering Dogeparty tokens / sales
  • Co-hosted regular DP X spaces
  • Set up the first (non-dev) Dogeparty federal node
  • Dogecoin Stamps TG Admin/Mod
  • Run my personal X account (7.6k followers)

I’d like to support the DP Foundation mostly by educating collectors and artists about Dogeparty.

My (main) addy: DHHWM1CiP9To5siF6UkDNkQALAWdNNA3Y9


I strongly support nominations of JP, Ernest, Nutildah, and Tobber! They would be true assets for the Foundation!


Crazyzapped here. First, would like to thank all the foundation members of last year along with the permanent ones, Xcer, Javier and Jdog for keeping Dogeparty the most warm and amazing place across chains. I love this place from the bottom of my heart , this was my intro to crypto and would like to see it reach the zenith it deserves.

Coming to the nominations, I would like to nominate Cryptochainer too, along with the fantastic candidates already nominated.

  • He is always active in the Dogeparty channels and also on Twitter. Keeps the atmosphere very lively and cheerful.

-Is an avid collector in Dogeparty, the largest one of Rare Doges across all seasons, which has kept alive the interests of a lot of artists even through the bear market. I find that a highly motivating contribution.

-Brings in views from an investor’s POV, what exactly would grab their attention for the promotion of Dogeparty and its various projects.

-Is a Rare Pepe veteran since 2016. Artist, Biggest Holder. Has experience of the bull run there. Along with Jdog, Xcer, Javier, JPJA, Nutildah, Ernest we will have a formidable team with years of experience between them to catapult Dogeparty into limelight when the bull run hits this time (it’s already started a bit :crossed_fingers:)

I hope he will attend at least a few of the meetings if elected and put our views across :smiley:

All the very best to him and each of the nominated candidates.

My main addy is D7TbSUv7ypZGGjHPMpRc1b8JEbtMWAebjJ

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Thnak you Crazyzapped for the nomination. If I am nominated, I will try and do a better job keeping up on the developments and meetings. I do care about this community, sometimes life gets in the way.


I would like to nominate @pappyg45. GMoney has been a very active participant in the Counterparty & Dogeparty communities in the past couple years, has numerous NFT projects, and was on the foundation last year. I think GMoney will continue to be a valuable edition to the foundation.


I would like to nominate @ShawnLeary to continue being a member of the foundation.