[ANN] Start of the Dogeparty Foundation 2022 Election - Nomination Period (Nov 15th - Nov 30th)

Announcing the Start of the Dogeparty Foundation 2022 Election - Nomination Period (Nov 15th - Nov 30th)

The Dogeparty Foundation is a group dedicated to advancing the Dogeparty protocol and its products, educating the community on the Dogeparty technology, driving global Dogeparty awareness, and ensuring Dogeparty remains a successful and growing platform.

The Foundation is governed by three Founding Members five Community Directors.

Today, we’re happy to announce the start of the Dogeparty Foundation Community Directors 2022 election.

For the next two weeks, from November 15th till November 30th, we are inviting everyone to participate in the election process by nominating candidates to fill five Community Director seats. The only requirement for the nomination is that the nominating person holds at least 100 XDP and prove this by including their Dogeparty address in the nomination message (we will verify XDP balances at end of nomination period).

This will be the official election thread used to gather the names and addresses of qualifying candidates.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another candidate, please reply to this thread with the following candidate information:

  • First and Last name or Alias
  • Bio
  • Picture
  • Dogeparty address (must have at least 100 XDP)

On November 30th, Names and addresses of all candidates will be published and a 2-week long Q&A period will begin. During this Q&A period a Foundation Election Q&A thread will posted where community members can ask questions of the candidates to help them better understand the candidates position on certain issues, and their plans for how to best move Dogeparty forward.

After the two week long Q&A period, we will being the 2-week long voting period where users can vote for their top choices for filling the 5 Community Director positions. Detailed instructions on how community members can vote for their favorite candidates will be included in the voting announcement period announcement thread on December 15th.

After the two week long voting period, at the voting closing block, the top five addresses that receive the highest number of votes will be announced as winners, and their owners receive Community Director positions for the term of one year.

We’re looking forward to your candidacy and hope this election will be a fair, successful and transparent process of selecting the best candidates to fill these key positions.


I would like to nominate Ernest. He is one of the five current community directors that were helping the three founders to further develop the Dogeparty community. Without any question, he has proven to be a very valuable spokesperson and dedicated worker. And he fully deserves to be nominated first;-)


I would like to nominate Shawn Leary. Shawn is an OG Rare Pepe scientist who has been in the Dogeparty / Counterparty space since 2014 and would bring an immense amount of NFT knowledge and experience to the foundation.


I would like to nominate Gmoney. GMoney has been a very active participant in the Counterparty & Dogeparty communities in the past couple years, has numerous NFT projects, and always has a good attitude and open mind. I think GMoney will be a valuable edition to the foundation.


Hey everyone thanks for the nomination JDog! Long time bitcoiner/dogecoiner I run a channel that helps educate people about bitcoin/dogecoin and onboarding them to counterparty/dogeparty. I am new to the Dogeparty scene about a year, but amazingly impressed what I think we can do for the community. Always interested in improving security, decentralization and freedom. My dogeparty address is - [DD4AFu6xSfEtX86YbMLnPekbsfJrTkwy9a] thank you!


Thanks for the nomination! I would be happy to contribute to the DP Foundation for another year if the community feels that I’ve done a good job and would like for me to continue doing the work. My photo and bio can already be found on Foundation | Dogeparty.net and my address is DTG9q4nSHV7pwqoHVxj4d6peoFLWh5xbLP


I would like to nominate Nutildah (TG: @nutildah) to be a Community Director for 2023. Nutildah has consistently shown up day after day to contribute positively to the Dogeparty community since the reboot, and has a number of notable achievements along with personal qualifications which I believe to be well-suited for the role. Dogermint (which includes a telegram group, website, and twitter handle) was created by Nutildah and continues to thrive and bring more users onboard Dogeparty regularly. The Dogermint website also features a comprehensive and impressive user guide written by Nutildah which gives detailed explanation on how to interact with Dogeparty on a technical level. In my opinion, Nutildah is generous, level-headed, trustworthy, reasonable, technically proficient, a great writer, and has a good sense of humor based on my experience and interaction publicly as well as privately.


Gm! I agree with all nominations to this point in the thread :handshake:

Thanks Ernest for the kind words and I gladly accept the nomination.

My name is nutildah, aka Uncle Nutildah, Nutildah the Hungry, and “Dogermint guy.”

I have been a long-time crypto advocate, first exploring the world of Bitcoin and altcoins in 2014 on Satoshi’s Bitcoin Forum where I maintain an active presence. Soon after joining the forum I learned about Counterparty and was immediately fascinated by it and the possibilities of tokenization, creating my first asset in June 2014. I was part of the original Dogeparty burn, having burned about 1.6 million DOGE for XDP in Aug 2014, and created a couple dozen assets on it shortly thereafter. All my professional experience has been based in different aspects of cryptocurrency since 2016 (the year my last non-crypto job ended).

After Dogeparty was reanimated in Sept/Oct of last year, I quickly became aware of the Historical NFT movement and started Dogermint as not just a brand for my early-minted tokens but as a “historical asset discussion group,” and also to help raise general awareness of Dogeparty. To that end I wrote an extensive guide on how to use the Dogewallet and am a regular Dogeparty evangelist on Twitter.

Thanks to the genius behind the design of its protocol, Dogeparty has lots of untapped potential – not only in terms of attracting new users & artists but in finding new utility & use cases as well. The recent rise of Dogecoin’s prominence puts Dogeparty and its users in a uniquely advantageous situation that has yet to be fully realized. Although onboarding new users is a tough job in bear market conditions, I believe that persistence will pay off – so long as we continue to be dedicated advocates of this technology which was created way ahead of its time. Such persistence will also lend credence to the idea that Dogeparty is here to stay, and will only get stronger with time.

Dogeparty address:



This is nutildah's address. Signed Nov. 21, 2022




All great nominations thus far! Will want to see all of you in the foundation!


I’ll nominate myself, as I likely have the largest collection of Rare Doge. Some of you might know me as cryptochainer, and the rest of you would likely know me as “cryptochainer.”

I have been a crypto enthusiast for a long time, and long-time supporter of related projects for quite a while. I would like to see Dogeparty grow, as I feel like most everyone doesn’t even know it exists. Plus Jdog didn’t nominate me, but that’s ok.



And Privatekey is my campaign manager!


Woohoo! Thanks Chainer! I won’t let you down

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I nominate myself.

I minted some Dogeparty tokens in 2014, participated in the 2021 bern, and have built a few open-source tools (Image Archiver and Asset Timeline)

If I am elected I will focus on the core protocol. Specifically I want:

  • funds from the bern to be spent on Dogeparty dev.
  • keep the Dogeparty code as close to Counterparty as possible.
  • implement code changes to XDP before XCP.
  • make dispensers safer.

The point about dispensers has the highest priority. I don’t believe offchain solutions are sufficient. We should make dispensers risk-free on the protocol level . Here’s my proposal draft. I outline that dispensers will work exactly as before for those want to, while simultaneously giving the option for buyers to make reservations if they feel like playing it safe.

Address : DJ3Z1DyVdccdH6smJmMSFQ3ariWLxaPMpY

Message : JP Janssen. Nomination to Dogeparty Foundation. 2022-11-30

Signature : HzEJLxl75wMTp2+y68XQ0kt6ELZPwZ76poj6I5yGr84qeszfzE48jEUujRu/08k6dVXrAIKAMTOPcPelgHGzusU=


Hey JP, great to see your nomination!


Awesome, super strong candidate as well! Also, all the other candidates are really great choices! Dogeparty foundation will have a lot of very valuable support in 2023 :+1:

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