[ANN] Start of the Dogeparty Foundation 2022 Election - Q&A Period (Nov 30th - Dec 15th)

Announcing the Start of the Dogeparty Foundation 2022 - Q&A Period (Dec 1st - Dec 15th)

The 2022 Dogeparty Foundation nomination period has concluded and the 6 candidates running for the 5 Dogeparty Foundation Community Director seats are listed below.



Voters can review the nomination process and basic candidate bio information available in the forum post linked below.



Please use this thread to ask questions of the candidates about their positions on various topics and how they feel they could best help move Dogeparty forward.


I’d like to hear from all of the other nominees - what are you bringing to the table? Would like to hear your ideas on how you can contribute to the growth and advancement of the platform through your potential role as a foundation community director.


Through my year of experience with sharing Dogeparty to those who were previously unfamiliar, I’ve encountered the most success in regularly promoting a consistent message touting the benefits of the protocol, which I believe remain largely untapped and unrecognized.

Since starting my Dogermint project last Nov-Dec, I’ve come to realize that serious users and NFT collectors are most attracted to consistency and evidence that a cryptocurrency/NFT platform is in it for the long haul. For Dogeparty, I believe this entails regular engagement on Twitter (daily tweets or retweets of DP users), regular communication in the official Telegram group, recognition and encouragement of those attempting to expand on the utility of the platform, and fostering an overall sense of community.

To the end of attracting more users:

In addition to expanding outreach to the larger NFT and Dogecoin communities, I plan to spearhead the development of mobile-friendly Dogeparty token wallet, block explorer, and potentially even mobile app, based on Mpurse and Monapalette for Monaparty. With these tools I was able to purchase my first Monaparty cards using my phone and it quickly became apparent that this type of utility would significantly aid chances of mass adoption.

Another avenue I would like to explore is expanding the use cases of Dogecoin tokenization to non-media/artistic applications. A prime example of this is DogeKord by BitcoinJake, which is a Discord bot that allows for token-gated access to Discord channels. In the era of Web3, the ability to prove identification via ownership of specific tokens is a powerful utility, and its potential has yet to really be explored with Dogeparty tokens.

To summarize, I plan to contribute to Dogeparty’s growth by:

  • continuing to raise awareness via regular social media engagement,
  • continuing to educate a new audience while touting the benefits of Dogeparty over other NFT/tokenization platforms,
  • exploring new use cases for tokens, and
  • developing new tools to increase utility & create a more user-friendly experience.

My focus will be on dev:

  • funds from the bern to be spent on Dogeparty dev.
  • keep the Dogeparty code as close to Counterparty as possible.
  • implement code changes to XDP before XCP.
  • make dispensers safer (update on the protocol level).

The last point is a bit political as others may not like the technical tradeoffs, or at lest view this as a last resort. I believe safer dispenser is a fundamental property that should be added asap. So basically, a vote for me is a vote for adding reseravations to the dispenser contract. See draft.

Of course, there are many other important tasks for the foundation but my focus will primarily be on the above mentioned.


I have been active in this project from day one, and have pretty much obtained every single Rare Doge that has been issued, except for the ones that have not been distributed. I have created a few, and have remained active in the Telegram channels, helping to create and continue interest in the project. Having been involved with Rare Pepe since 2016, I immediately saw the potential of the platform and use-case, and how it could benefit the crypto/NFT communities. As the interest in NFTs rose, there were some increases in participation with Dogeparty, but not nearly as much as it had potential for.

I would assist in promoting the platform on Twitter, etc, highlighting some of the individual artists and pieces, while trying to get new people to join the fun. I’d work with the developers of the technology to increase the usability of the wallets and websites, making it easier to use, and more enjoyable for everyone.

Furthermore, I have a strong background in marketing and outreach, and I am confident that I can help attract more users and investors to the project. I am passionate about the potential of Rare Doge and the impact it can have on the crypto and NFT communities, and I believe that with the right team and strategy, we can achieve great success. I am eager to contribute my skills and experience to the board and help drive the project forward. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

I see a great future for DOGEPARTY. I believe that with the right team and strategy, we can achieve great success here. Thank you for considering my candidacy!



Would like to continue to help the project in anyway that I can. I’ve been involved with Counterparty since early 2015 and was one of the scientists that helped curate the Rare Pepe Project. I was elected, receiving the most votes, to the Counterparty board of directors during a fairly interesting time in 2017/18.

Currently I am or resident of my residential HOA board of directors. You haven’t lived until you serve on a Florida HOA board :joy:

please find me on telegram Telegram: Contact @shawnleary if you want to chat.

best regards


I run a channel on Telegram Telegram: Contact @bullionbitcoinbs that helps onboard newbies into bitcoin/dogecoin xcp/xdp only. Most of the assets I create are giveaways in this group (Telegram: Contact @pepeproject) attempting to get people to learn how all of it works. I wrote an article in Bitcoin magazine (Trust Through Verification Bitcoin - Bitcoin Magazine - Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights) about how we can change the world of charities by tokenizing them as I raised money for the Canadian Truckers as well as for HODLONAUTS case against Craig Wright. We also recently started a weekly live show where we show people how to get involved in this ecosystem. (Rugpull Radio Ep 8 - Thurs 10:30 PM ET -)

My top priorities for XDP

  • Transparency
  • Security
  • Decentralization
  • Awareness
  • Ease of use (UI)
  • Positive impact on the community
  • Absolute Freedom of expression no matter what ideology you come from

There are 6 candidates in the fray. I know all of them (except JP-J @jp_janssen with whom I haven’t interacted personally, but I hear he is a CounterParty OG and has been active since early days). I won’t hesitate to vouch for any of the candidates.

Ernest @Valiant401 has been most active as a board member in the last year and his amazing contribution to the board will be evident to everyone who has been active in DOGEPARTY during this time.

Nutildah @nutildah is a DOGEPARTY OG. Always generous and eager to share from his immense knowledge here, he will be an asset to the foundation I feel.

Shawn @ShawnLeary doesn’t need any introduction in these parts, DOGEPARTY benefits a lot from his being here to guide.

GMONEY @pappyG45 is real cool dude, I know he is trying to put together a serious collection on XCP and XDP.

I will be putting most of my XDP-Votes behind @cryptochainer. Chainer has been a prolific artist at Rare Pepes, and he happens to have the largest collection of Rare Pepes. He has been in DOGEPARTY since day one of Reboot, he has made cards at Rare Doges and he also has the largest (almost complete) collection of Rare Doges. I have had numerous opportunities to hear his views on Dogeparty and NFTs in general. I believe he will be a solid addition to the board. In addition to his long experience, he will bring on table thoughts from a collector’s perspective. It is something which is not said often that for DOGEPARTY, or for any other NFT project, to succeed, we need more collectors. More buyers.

And big thank you to the 3 permanent members (@jdogresorg - @XCERXCP - @pataegrillo) of the board at the foundation for the kickass work they keep doing. Need to mention Dogefather @DoggfatherCrew too, who did not throw his hat in this election for the next board, for the great work he has been doing at the current board.

I wish all the candidates the best of luck. I am glad we do things so transparently at DOGEPARTY. Whatever the result, I see only a great future for DOGEPARTY.


Agree with this @cryptochainer is an absolute stand up dude with an open mind. @PrivateKey & @ShawnLeary also great dudes I wouldn’t hesitate to support. Overall a great selection of people doing great things! Honored to be a part of the process!


I’d like to hear from all nominees what are your thoughts about

  • a social media strategy to grow faster on Twitter and Reddit e.g. 10k … 20k followers
  • a listing on CoinMarketCap?


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For Twitter we need daily tweets or else re-tweets of examples of people releasing/building stuff on Dogeparty… We need to not just get the word out there but make sure the world knows we are persistent & consistent. Giveaways are a surefire way to attract followers.

There is already a listing for Dogeparty on CMC but the problem with getting it updated is they require permission from the owners of dogeparty.io to make any changes. So far, the owners have been unreachable although I think I have an idea who they might be (my suspicion has yet to be confirmed). As dogeparty.io and the CMC page are two of the highest-ranked results on Google, it is imperative that contact with them be made.

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In regards to the first bullet, I think its all hands on deck. The DP community itself needs to be engaged and penetrating everywhere possible. Alternatively, the community needs to raise funds to pay for an actual community manager and related marketing expenses. Either the community puts their resources to contribute to the effort, or they actually do the work themselves to build the user base. I don’t feel its wise to raid the foundation fund to pay for it. That fund needs to be protected to ensure that the platform exists, and that necessary updates are developed and implemented. In addition to the above, I would love to see the new crop of Community Directors actively work on community engagement and put the time in to make that happen.

Another thing we desperately need is a modernized interface - new wallet / block explorer primarily. This is another expensive proposition and we don’t see any devs stepping forward to work on it. This is something that would improve the user experience and would likely bring in more people because the learning curve on using the platform would be shallower with an improved UX.

At the moment, a listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko are not possible - we’re approaching both one last time to make the case that the true “owners” of the platform are the current foundation and that the domain is in fact dogeparty.net instead of dogeparty.io. Unfortunately, due to the fact that XDP was listed on those exchanges back in the day, they refuse to acknowledge the update in ownership/domain. The reason we paid to have XDP on VinDAX was to gain a listing on coinmarketcap/coingecko, not knowng at the time that this roadblock would exist.

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The Dogeparty Foundation Election Voting Period has begun.

The voting period has ended and the 2023 Dogeparty Community Directors have been announced at Announcing the 2023 Dogeparty Foundation Community Directors | Dogeparty.net