Dogewallet Numbers Don't Stay Put [Bug Report]

I have had two separate problems with dogewallet calculations.
I don’t know if this is the right place to report them, but here I am :slight_smile:

Small numbers don’t stay put

First is when trying to make a dispenser which dispenses at .1 doge, the wallet automatically changes that.

See here, I put .1 doge, and when I navigate away from that field, it updates to .14

so when I made a dispenser for fraction of a doge, I didn’t notice the change till after I created, where it rounded up to .166
Screenshot from 2022-07-01 15-21-42

The next time I just made my dispense amount according to the cost changed by dogewallet.

Exchange order changed

It seems like these problems are connected… which si why I post them together… but maybe I’m wrong and its two problems…

Here I’m trying to buy 1 dogekord for 5000

click buy and it looks fine here
Screenshot from 2022-07-01 15-53-59

but after I choose “yes” I get this incorrect sell quantity in the transaction

Any help appreciated

I checked now on webwallet the order placed correctly


and I created a dispenser dispensing for .1 doge on webwallet
Screenshot from 2022-07-01 16-15-40

problem is doge wallet only :pray:

Please create issues for each of these items on the github repo and i’ll take a look when I get some time. :slight_smile:

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Right! Thanks!