Any updates or news?

Are there any updates or news from the foundation or team?

What do you guys think about a roadmap?


Hi, I haven’t checked in on this forum for a while, but yes there’s a few things in the pipeline.

First and foremost, J-Dog and Javier are working on getting the next version of Dogewallet out. This will contain a lot of major improvements, including a fee reduction to 0.01 DOGE per tx, the Dogeparty Name Service (DNS), and enabling of multisend (among minor bug fixes and other improvements).

We just wrapped up a Dogeparty Awards Show on Telegram in which 60 Dogeparty cards were nominated across 15 categories, presenting NFT awards to the winners of each category. We’ve also been doing giveaways on the @DogepartyXDP Twitter account to help spread awareness & stir up activity.

I think putting out some kind of official roadmap is a good idea, will run it by the other directors and founders at the next meeting. Anything in particular you’d like to see included?


Hi, thank you for your reply! That’s great news!

I would love to see an app for iOS and android with a super simple design (and playful) e.g. like the RobinHood app and hiding all the technology in the back so a five year old could use Dogeparty.

Also I would love to see that we step up and start hiring. If we rise the price for XDP strategically, we could afford such things.

And last but not least the team should share their thoughts and the technological developments on a daily basis on Twitter. From the technological standpoint there is no difference between a big release after one year or 10 smaller releases BUT from a marketing standpoint there is a huge difference if you go silent for one year or tell your community and especially new not yet involved people that this project is alive and evolving. Communication communication communication :slight_smile:

What do you think should be on a roadmap and how far into the future should the roadmap be?

I agree with several of your points. I think a mobile app would work wonders. As far as viewing token collections are concerned, I recommend checking out – its an app that supports Dogeparty collections (along with Counterparty, ETH, WAX, SOL, and a few other blockchains). I also believe that communication is important.

Mobile app with full wallet should be a top priority for the roadmap. Our next meeting is coming up in a week or so, I will be sure to bring it up. The budget needs to be carefully allocated tho so we can support longevity of the project first and foremost. Thanks for your suggestions.

Oh, I should also add that you should feel free to join our Telegram, its a bit more active over there and you’ll get faster responses to your questions: