[ANN] Dogeparty Foundation Election 2021 Voting Period

The Dogeparty Foundation is announcing the start of the 3-week long voting period for the election of five community directors. The voting will start on block 4,014,000 and end on block 4,044,240

Start and End of Voting

Start Block: 4,014,000
End Block: 4,044,240


Voting Procedure

Users who want to give their votes to one or more candidates may do so by broadcasting a message with the following parameters:

  1. Text = XDPELECTION2021 + Candidate Number
  2. Value = Votes

NOTE: There is currently a one-broadcast-per-block limitation when using Dogewallet. If you want to publish multiple votes, please wait while the block containing your first broadcast is published on the blockchain and then create the second broadcast.


  • One user can make several broadcasts
  • The sum total of the values must be less than the balance of the source address at the close of the voting period

Valid Example

  • User has 50 XDP in his address at the end of the voting.

  • User broadcasts: text=XDPELECTION2021 1, value=20

  • User broadcasts: text=XDPELECTION2021 2, value=30

  • Both votes are valid and will be taken into account

Invalid Example

  • User has 50 XDP in his address at the end of the voting.

  • User broadcasts, text=XDPELECTION2021 1, value=50

  • User broadcasts, text=XDPELECTION2021 2, value=30

  • The second vote is invalid as the user already spent 50 XDP in his first message

Candidate numbers used as the broadcast parameter:
1 - Daniel Nasev (@TheWizard)
2 - Ernest Sonyi (@Valiant401)
3 - Andre Guettler (@Doggfather)
4 - Christian Burns (@christianb)
5 - Theo Goodman (@theogoodman)
6 - Dana Sacco (@dana_nomad)
7 - Savvay McIntosh (@CryptoMinx)
8 - David Gillies (@Drgillies)

At block 4,044,240 we will count all votes and announce the names of the top five candidates.

An election vote scoreboard has been created by community member joe looney and is visible at Dogeparty Foundation 2021 // Election

The candidates Q&A thread can be found at : [ANN] Dogeparty Foundation Election 2021 Q&A Period (Nov 15th - Nov 30th)

Please feel free to visit this thread and ask the candidates anything.

Good luck to all the candidates and once again thank you for your support!


I wanted to be a Candidate but I didn’t want to beg for a nom. I’m new to you guys but I have long been interested in Counterparty for DVC. I am so happy you revived it for Dogecoin blockchain as already the prices we’re a GREAT deal to get some starting XDP. I hope this community becomes as active as some of the other discourse forums I’m on. I wish all of you luck and I will vote at some point once I know exactly what I’m doing. You all seem like really qualified people so I promise as a community member and someone with enough XDP to vote I will make sure to give each candidate a thorough and FAIR look. I’m sure all of you are deserving. Here’s to the next great crypto 2.0 community :slight_smile: Good luck to you all.

-Daniel Treccia (@mastergrimaldi - twitter, telegram, @realdantreccia - bitcointalk.org, @satoshi0x - keybase, discord (#4106)

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Congrats and good luck to the candidates!

Question for the candidates.

If elected, what would you like to own/handle for the DP Foundation? Where would you excel best?



Personally, I would like to run the Twitter account and other social media required, helping or fully creating content (like how to videos), setting up spaces chats for additional pubic exposure, and generally promoting on how the platform can be used by developers. I’m currently doing half of these items at the moment for a few crypto and NFT projects.


Once elected, I would contribute in the following ways:

  • Using my finance background, I’d advice on how to invest the community funds, i.e., trading of risks and rewards. This point relates to Xcer’s further question in the TG chat on how the foundation should invest the funds until they are employed. I suggest a balanced mix of US-Dollar (a third), BTC (a third), and Doge / XDP (a third, 1/6 each).
  • Data analytics such as the share of Dogeparty transactions over all Dogecoin transactions to highlight the use case. Putting together (longer) material for Tweets and Medium articles. I can delegate some of the work to my (PhD) students and hence leverage myself to some extent.
  • Be active on Twitter. Onboarding many more new peeps and dropping them own cards for free. Reaching out to crypto influencers to raise awareness about Dogeparty.

If elected I will use my business networks to bring aboard more investors, and artists into the platform. My background overall is in organizational leadership and development, so I would be creating programs and vids to help the public understand how to practically use Dogeparty in their day to day. So essentially, I would like to handle public outreach and education. It’s what I currently do now.


If elected I would like to put my focus on first establishing and then maintaining the organization’s structure. I would ensure that the initiatives pursued by the Dogeparty Foundation are adequately supported on the back-end. My special skill is navigating bureaucracy and managing processes efficiently and cost-effectively. For example, if we wanted to establish ourselves as a legal tax-free charitable foundation, there are numerous steps that would need to be taken, and taken carefully, in order to avoid liability. Certain professional services may need to be hired and overseen. New accounts (financial, service-provider) will need to be setup and managed. Financial statements should be prepared, reviewed, and published to allow for transparency and better decisions by the directors in allocating resources to specific functions. I am of the opinion that an organization with a solid backbone gives it the ability to put more focus and resources to pursuing its mission and achieving its goals.


The voting period has ended and the 2022 Dogeparty Community Directors have been announced at Announcing the 2022 Dogeparty Foundation Community Directors | Dogeparty.net

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