Additional funding method


Not all DIP proposals fit into the immediate direction of the DogeParty council due to funding, timing and short-term priorities, but are required/desired by the wider community and 3rd parties. The option for an additional funding method outside of the DogeParty council should exist to help the development and the long jeopardy of the chain.

How It Works

The process would work as a secondary layer to the current process and would only be activated when the roadblock for the development is a funding one. The DIP proposals would still go through the usual approval process but would include a funding restrain, whether due to priorities, actual fund restraints, etc. Once the approval is formally processed with costings a dispenser would be opened with an asset that would be used to fund the development of the feature. The dispenser would have a block limit and the required funds would be required by that point to be successful, the block limit would be a realistic period of time based on the USD required, market conditions, and the necessity of the development. If the funds are not reached but the time period, the council would vote to extend the time limit for another month or return funds.


The clearest example of this is the current funding on XCP for the continued employment of key developers. The method allows for the community to support funding for key needs of the chain.

Second Example

If the council wanted to develop an in-browser wallet but understood that chain funds should be used for the actual chain itself, this method could be used to raise the required funds for the development without using chain funds.

User Impact

This would have no direct user impact.

In addition to the above, this could be used as a reason for community events with the received funding assets being considered Badge of Honours.